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How to get vector building footprints ("roofprints," "roof forms," etc) into ArcGIS for Creative Cloud?

Question asked by nathanwyoung on Jul 8, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by Steven_Moore-esristaff

Hello GeoNet community, thanks in advance. I'm a graphic designer, VERY new to these tools. I'm using ArcGIS for Creative Cloud and Adobe Illustrator.


I need to create a vector map of Syracuse, NY. I would like to include roadways AND structures / buildings. The raster basemap shows building footprints, but the Vector Basemap does not. I've found various user created maps for different cities that have this info, so my fear is this info needs to be made from scratch for Syracuse.


Is there no way to easily convert this data? The buildings are visible in the raster basemap, surely that info is available in vector as well? 


Again, my sincere thanks for your help,