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Topology Validation Failures after Removing Topology Rules

Question asked by carlsonj9 on Jul 7, 2020
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I'm working with ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and the Pro Parcel Fabric v2, which is published as a branch versioned service on Portal 10.8 and stored in amazon postgresql rds.


I recently made some changes to our topology rules, removing several of them. Then I republished the service, and am now encountering a strange issue which appears to be related to previous error features. When I attempt to run Validate Extent, if error features related to the now-removed rules are in the extent, I get the following message:


ERROR: A failure was detected inside the topology engine.


At one point, it did give me an error code of 135, which I cannot find reference to anywhere. I am aware of the technical article about error code 220 and 221. This, however, seems different. I've tested a few different situations, and validation works in areas not previously validated, and in areas in which error features refer to extant rules.


These failures are definitely related to the removed rules. Even if I zoom in to 1:0.04 scale on a single point error feature, it still fails. I'm tempted to remove the outdated error features directly via SQL, but I like to exhaust all other options before getting into the RDBMS.