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Survey123 form preview and browser testing not matching up

Question asked by julia.surkis_utahDNR on Jul 7, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by ichivite-esristaff

I am attempting to create a survey where the survey takers draw a polygon using the geoshape option, after the user enters their polygon, there is a note that references the area of the created polygon, and returns two different 'notes' depending on whether the polygon is bigger or smaller than a specific number. This has been working well for me in my collector app and it returns exactly what it should, but when I test the survey after publishing in a browser it always returns the same default (which happens to be the "false" of the "if" statement I'm using. (TotalArea is a hidden calculation of area(${GeoshapePolygon})).

if(${TotalArea}>1000,'<font color="red">Area Is Too Big for Small Mine Permit,Change area or Request Different Application</font>','<font color="green">Mine Area is appropriate size for Small Mine Application</font>')

I have tried adding a relevant question where the user has to select that they are done drawing the polygon before the "note" is shown, but I still get the same problem. 


Should I be using different code? Should I use a different type?