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ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2 Partially Hangs when Editing

Question asked by eokeefe1 on Jul 6, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by SHarris-esristaff

I have a user who, while editing in Pro 2.3.2, runs into an issue where the program hangs. What's interesting about this is that tools can be selected, windows can be opened/closed/rearranged, etc., but there is no response in the map view when trying to select features. We've made sure that features are checked on in the List by Selection and the List by Editing. Also, Pro cannot be closed without using Task Manager when this happens.



We are able to replicate this by splitting a line and then using edit vertices. Please see attached video.




When it happens it's using about 5% of the CPU and about 2GB of Memory.


Has anyone else run into this and have you found a workaround/fix?


Software: ArcGIS Pro 2.3.2

System: i7 processor

500 Gb hard drive


Windows 10

Radeon 530 Graphics Card


Thank you to anyone who can answer this!