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I need to make a conditioned choice filter in my Survey

Question asked by jurquia_icrc on Jul 3, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2020 by bwebster-esristaff

Dear all,

Im trying to do a filter for one of my questions but based in a condition and previous answer.

I have one question about the type of incident that happened, and based in the answer, i need to show some cascading options as "select_multiple" question.

The problem is that i have already data in the survey so, i need to use the existing options


If you look at the "choices" sheet, the first question is "list_tipo_de_evento" (What kind of incident is reported?) so, if the response is "ajuste_de_cuenta" the options might be only "bandas_criminales" and "Colectivos", if the answer is "enfrentamiento_armado" i need the three options available, if is "resistencia_a_la_autoridad" i need only "fuerza_publica", and so on.


I do not really sure how to do it with a condicionned formula, so if any one can help me would be great!


Thankful in advance