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Exported rasters only have location data (x,y), no z data

Question asked by ifu_hain on Jul 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2020 by swoo-esristaff
I am currently using ArcGIS Desktop 10.7.1 and have encountered a problem that I can unfortunately not solve, and I have not found any forum entries that are similar enough to troubleshoot with. 
I am trying to export a filled and clipped (with "Extract by Mask") DEM and a classified land use raster (with numerical values for each class, derived using Iso Cluster Classification) at the same resolution so that I can use it in other programs (e.g. MATLAB ). Upon exporting and opening in other programs, these rasters only consist of x,y data with the location, whereas all z data or classification data is missing (either showing 0, NaN (in MATLAB) or -9999). I have attempted the following in both MATLAB and Python IDLE:
  • Exported as ASCII
  • Exported as GeoTIFF¨
  • Exported as ESRI Grid
  • Exported as a rendered GeoTIFF
  • Exported as a jpeg


For all of these options, I have attempted using extent and spatial reference as "Data Frame" and as "Raster Dataset", which makes no difference in the output.


The exported files seem to read fine in ArcGIS, but not in the other programs. I have been able to successfully read rasters from other sources (raw images, QGIS) within MATLAB and Python using the same setup, so I believe the problem is with the ArcGIS export of rasters since the issue only occurs once I have edited the images in ArcGIS.