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Any suggestions on how I might use planarize over a large area? I am trying to create fine scale 'road' network off the coast of Australia for tagged fish studies.

Question asked by alex.wray-barnes_DPI on Jul 1, 2020
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I have a situation where I am attempting to create a 'road' network off of the coast of Eastern Australia to analyse tagged fish movements in ArcGIS Pro's Network Analyst, and create an animation of movements where tracks do not move over land.


I have created a fish net feature class with a cell width and height of 0.001 which has been clipped to exclude the land mass (so that routing avoids land). Below screenshot is of a small area of the total coastline, but shows how fine scale I am after. I need the lines to be split at the vertices so that when I create a route for the tagged animal the track avoids land. However, when I try to planarize the geoprocess takes way too long... I have had to cancel it after running for over 4 days without it finishing.



I have tried the split line at vertices option also, without any luck. 


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


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