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Demo of PBR in CityEngine?

Question asked by nicolaisteino2 on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2020 by CLau-esristaff

While I have done some classic shading work in CE, I'm interested in the new PBR shading capability. Could someone possibly do a demo or a rundown of the essentials of PBR in CE? I'm in architecture and I'm intersted in learning how to set up realistic textures. But there are so many material attributes and material maps, it's a bit of a maze for me. And even after researching some generic PBR info, it doesn't seem to translate directly to the concepts used in CE. While PBR concepts like Albedo, AO, are not concepts in CE, CE concepts like opacity, emissive and occlusion are not concepts in PBR. Or are they just different names for identical/similar things?