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Syncing layers in Maps for Adobe creates one flattened layer instead of separate functional layers in Photoshop.

Question asked by sophia_cain_learnarcgis on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Steven_Moore-esristaff

I'm learning Maps for Adobe through the Learn ArcGIS program. The exercise is here: Get Started with ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud | Learn ArcGIS  I'm working with Photoshop instead of Illustrator.

Everything works until I sync the layers from the Compilation viewer.

Instead of creating separate layers for all information, I see the entire map flattened on one layer, in addition to the Esri logo and copyright on other layers.

I've switched on all of the "Toggles Sync" boxes for the layers in the Compilation viewer.


What could be the reason that the layers aren't syncing separately in a way that can be edited?