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Webgisdr not packaging backup file correctly

Question asked by dmj2231 on Jun 30, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2020 by dmj2231

Webgisdr will backup the portal and server, but not data store.


I have tried automating ArcGIS backups using task scheduler, however when the task runs after hours, the full backup attempt will run as shown in these logs:


The portal and server say their backups are complete. And the utility is then closed without mentioning the data store.


However, when I go to look in the backup_location, it is empty leaving only a folder in the shared_location. This is the folder that was created when this backup started to run, but it only contains a datastore folder, no portal or server folders.



Whenever I have initialized the backup manually, it works correctly. But when I automate the process with windows task scheduler, it gives me this same issue. Automating this backup would be useful as it enables us to do backups will no one is in the office. I have only had this issue attempting full backups, and the incremental backups that run automatically work just fine.


Does anyone have a solution as to why the backup file isn’t packaged into my backup location, and why it’s only when I use task scheduler? When I execute the same file manually it works correctly.


No permission issues btw, as I’ve successfully ran the backups with these locations manually