Adding Google Sheets to AGOL

Discussion created by kirstin.rochel_lasan on Jun 30, 2020

I am building a Dashboard that relies on tabular data and that is located in a Google spreadsheet. Since the spreadsheet is dynamic and gets updated constantly, I would like those changes to be reflected in the Dashboard automatically and as soon as they occur. Thus, I am trying to add a Google Sheet to my ArcGIS Online content rather than a CSV file, but when I select the spreadsheet I always receive the following error message: "Drive file is invalid or not found"


These are the steps I take when I try to add the Google Sheet:

1. In the AGOL Content menu, I click on Add Item and choose From a Cloud Drive
2. I select Google Drive as my source.
3. I change the File Type to Google Sheets and select the spreadsheet from my drive. This is when the error message pops up.

I have tried a similar process in the Map Viewer but I still receive the same message that the file could not be found. I also published the Google Sheet to the web first but I still cannot load it into AGOL.


I would like to mention that some other Google Sheets in my Drive can be added without any issues but this one is giving me trouble. The Google Sheet in question includes several formulas (IMPORTRANGE, ARRAYFORMULA, etc) that allow me to access other spreadsheets to import records and a large number of records (over 9,000). Could this be the problem? Is there a limit on the number of records that can be added via Google Sheets? Are the formulas causing these issues for some reason?