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Restrict map scales to those that are cached on the server

Question asked by goofy.fichna on Jun 29, 2020

I'm recreating Android app that was written in JavaScript to native Android app. It shows online or offline ArcGIS map so I'm using ArcGIS Android SDK 100.7.0.

In old app I was initializing a map with predefined array of levels of detail (scales) as in this example. So it was posible scaling only by given LODs. Now I was searching for similar code in Android SDK but with no result. The problem is that in online mode app is sending requests to server to get level of detail which is not cached and it causes heavy loading of server.

Can you help me to find solution of this problem? I can zoom in/out map by cached LODs manualy in case of zooming buttons but it's a bit difficult to do this for all gestures and I'm also zooming to searched objects on map by it's size too.

PS: I don't have access to the map server, I'm just developing that Android app for my customer which is administrator of the server. The customer complains about heavy load of server.