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Help projecting WGS84 to D_North_American_1983?

Question asked by policypractice on Jun 29, 2020
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Hi all,


I have been doing some analysis for several US states, all of which have used the standard Albers projection (which as far as I understood uses datum D_North_American_1983):


For one of my states, for a reason I'm yet to ascertain, there instead seems to be no projection but instead a Geographic Coordinate System set to "WGS 84":


This is causing me trouble as I can't join this state's data with the other datasets I am also using (and which are also in the same projection).


After some research, I tried to use the project tool and convert this shapefile to the same projection. However, I am getting the following message:


When I try to carry out a "datum transformation" (In data framework > transformations), however, the options for this transformation specification are blank:


Does anybody have any suggestion as to what I could try? My goal is to have this state projected on Albers so that I can combine with other datasets as I have done with a number of other states.


Thank you,



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