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ArcGIS Pro: Topology Crashes Project Session

Question asked by Brian.Acheff on Jun 26, 2020

Have a Pro Project that I am using to clean up some boundary issues; polygons that need to match city limits. 


I did a test run for a single rule and it worked, but I did not select the correct rule to append the boundary to match the city limits (fill the gap). 


When I went back I noticed that the city limits layers was no longer available, so I went ahead and made rules for all 11 layers that need to be corrected concerning their identical boundary to city limits.


So the issue is when I go to validate the POLYGON_ERRORS, the GP percent bar gets to 3% then closes out the Project, with no warning of critical failure and no message asking me to report an issue.




The 11 feature classes                                             The Rules





Has anyone ever had this issue or does it have to do with running topology rule for 11 different classes against the same city limits class?