Collaborate through Survey123 Website - can't load map

Discussion created by darinatch on Jun 26, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by darinatch

Hello guys,


Just started with Survey123 and created a very simple survey and published it to Portal. But when I try to use the option "Open the survey in the browser directly" from the Collaborate menu on the Survey123 website, the map on my survey never loads (see NoMap.png and NoMapConsole.png attachments).


I also deployed some surveys from the EOC ArcGIS Solutions (through the solutions deployment tool in ArcGIS Pro). When I use one of these forms and open it in the browser, I get a map (see Map.png and MapConsole.png attachments). 


What am I missing? I tried designing a survey through the Survey123 Website and the desktop Connect app. Same result, no map.


Thank you for your time!