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Override Field Alias in MapService

Question asked by spiskula on Jun 26, 2020
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I have a MapService published to ArcGIS Server 10.6.1. The data comes from a local FGDB.

In the MXD when authoring the document to define the service I set the aliases:

Because aliases in the FC in FGDB are not good:

But when I publish this as MapServie to ArcGIS Servier the Aliases are read from FC in FGDB and not from MXD settings?
I tried publishing the service under a new name, adding the layer from scratch to MXD and i keep seeing the alias set in MXD being overriden by FGDB. Is this expected or is this a Bug?
I can only see information that when publishing Feature Service (which is not my case):

Field properties

Field properties set in ArcMap are exposed through the feature service; this includes field aliases

But I could not find any information about this in MapSerivces.