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What is the best way to serve a layer from my REST server?

Question asked by Terry_Johnston_LearnArcGIS on Jun 25, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 1, 2020 by Terry_Johnston_LearnArcGIS

I'm trying out ArcGIS online and after my learning, I'm able to create a map and a dashboard.
I would like to create a layer for the map that comes from our public REST server. 

I first created a 2 line Excel file that I saved to CSV format.  I chose upload from My Computer and the file created a dot on my map at the coords that I gave it from the csv file. Perfect.

I changed the file on my disk, and updated the file manually, works too.


Next I took that same file and set it up on my server.  I can connect to it fine from Chrome and download it.


When I try and get the file from ArcGIS Online it as a csv url, it came back with an error:
"The CSV,, is not accessible and cannot be added to the map."

This tells me noting...


I checked the url headers, but I don't really know what the map expects.  This is a simple Excel file saved to my server with 1 record: name, latitude,longitude, and a second line with 3 values.


Can you please point me in the right direction for what I'd like to do?
The data needs to update every day automatically, so I thought a web rest service would be best.
I can also send it as a json if necessary.


What's the correct way to for ArcGIS Online to consume a layer that the data updates every day, without any manual intervention.


Thank you