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Mystery Auto-Generated Vegetation While Using Deep Learning in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by breen.riley on Jun 24, 2020

Hello and good day to all


I was going through Deep Learning to locate the Palms in Tonga course, and when I turned off aerial imagery layer I noticed that arcgis populated the basemap with "trees"... many of them are where there are palms in the image, but not all, and I managed to detect most of them with my model, and they definitely weren't created by the deep learning model, but what the heck are they? 


I can't select or query them, they seem to just be an auto-populated canopy against the basemap...

By the way, the are only sitting where the imagery layer was sitting(pic 3 shows this). Not above or below. They disappear somewhere around 1:4000. They are more accurate in some cases than my model, could be useful to use them!


Anyone have any ideas?