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Asset Numbering when moving to "GPS" a Utility Network

Question asked by DanielMoye22 on Jun 24, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2020 by rborchert

I will try to be brief in my explanation, so bare with me.

So, the electric utility I currently work for is not "GPS'ed". In other words, we are not using GPS receivers when staking new jobs to add to the network or making changes to the network. The current data is a combination of things: a digitized version of old paper maps, CAD based maps, imported CAD Plats and other assorted datasets (whose origins I have no idea). The entire database is off roughly 300 - 400 feet off across the entire map for any data that has an XY coordinate.

We have a grid system for numbering assets but once we work to correct the XY coordinates for all the assets on our network, the grid numbering for each asset is likely to change. This will cause problems with our OMS and CIS databases because the locations of each customer is assigned a number.

Almost forgot to mention the database is an SDE and we use Futura GIS which "backpacks" off of ESRI software.

So, I guess I have a few questions.

1. Has anyone had experience moving from a non-"GPS'ed" GIS database, where no GPS data is collected, to a GIS where GPS data is collected and used when staking?

2. How did you handle the numbering of assets once the XY coordinates for the data was changed?

3. What type of "Numbering System" workflow do you have?

4. What types of issues did you encounter when converting the data?