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Internal tablet GPS not working in Survey123

Question asked by woodster5 on Jun 24, 2020
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We are using Panasonic Toughpads, FZ-G1 with internal Sierra Wireless GPS sensors on Windows 10.  We have had intermittent problems with Survey123 not picking up the GPS signal over the last year or so, and recently, it does not seem to be working at all (when offline, so not on Wifi or mobile).  The Survey 123 version we have been using lately is 3.7.57 and we have also tried more recent versions.  The GPS does work in Collector with no problems.

I don't understand whether it is supposed to be using the 'Integrated provider' or whether it sees it as an external provider (e.g. COM port)  - neither of those options work anyway.

i have tried using GPS Direct with no success, but am not entirely sure what I need to install or what the settings need to be.

Any help or advice gratefully received,