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How to best combine functionality from two templates?

Question asked by GarrettRSmith on Jun 23, 2020
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I know that this question has been asked before, but I have yet to find a satisfying answer and since there was an update to AppStudio recently I thought there might be a more elegant or easier solution.


I am creating an app that will utilize the key functions of Map Viewer and Quick Report. I am aiming to have people go out in the field and collect observations (features) that will include photographs and other attributes selected from a form (Quick Report). I would then like to display these field collected features on a map so that other users can navigate and locate them (Map Viewer). There are areas that users will be going without cell phone coverage so being able to have offline maps is another important function. I envision that most users will be using the Map Viewer functions, while a smaller number will be using the Quick Report functions. 


Based on the fact that most people will probably be using the Map Viewer functions, I think that I should build off of that template, adding the Quick Report functionality that can be accessed from the map. What I am confused about is how to integrate the two templates, as in where would one be able to even start to combine the two? Do I open and copy the code that I want from Qt Creator?


Alternatively, would it be better to start from scratch and use the code from both in Qt Creator?


Another goal of this project, though later down the road, is to have the field collected features integrated into an online map/dashboard/story map. From my understanding the features collected in the field are automatically updated?


Hopefully this all makes sense and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.