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Survey123 export filtered data missing records

Question asked by laorors on Jun 24, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2020 by jxu-esristaff

We are using Survey123 website data page to filter and export data to excel. Our data base contains a hosted feature layer with two related table.

1. When trying to filter and export records from the related table the query returns the relevant  records. However when exporting to excel the file contains also all the records related to the parent features and not only the ones that were directly selected by the query and presented in the website data table.

2. In light of 1 and to be able to export subset of the related table data, we prepared another survey that includes only fields from the related table. The query in the web works fine. Export to excel is also OK when we filter the data with one expression. However when we filter the data with more than one expression, the selection works fine but when exporting the resulted excel includes only the titles with no records. 

As a result our users are not able to export the required  data and use it in other platforms.

We hope that there is a simple solution for this issue.


Laor and Guy