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Water and Sewer utility Networks in the same enterprise gdb

Question asked by naydinreynolds on Jun 23, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2020 by naydinreynolds

We are trying to run 2 utility networks in same sde: 1 water distribution 1 sewer.


We created the unowner account and used it to deploy for water distribution but when we run the apply asset package tool for sewer network this is the error we are getting:

Running script AssetPackageToUtilityNetwork...
ArcGIS Pro
untools 2.5.1
Executing from ArcGIS Pro, 3 map(s), activeMap = True
Asset Package schema version: 2.4
ERROR 001400: Only the data owner may execute these tools.
Failed to execute (AssetPackageToUtilityNetwork).

We were able ti run stage network to for sewer with unowner account. Our enterprise gdb is on a sql server