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Use italics in a portion of layout text box in ArcGIS Pro

Question asked by Y_Samari on Jun 23, 2020

I am using ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1.


I am making a bird distribution atlas and have a text box containing the species common name, Latin name, and survey the data is based from. I want the Latin name of each species in the text box to be italicised - nothing else. So the words 'Alcedo atthis' in the example below:



I've already learned from this thread - Italic text in ArcGIS Pro layout  - that the default text, Tahoma, doesn't support italics. I've changed the font and that allows me to select 'Italic', but it changes the entirety of the text in the text box.


If I select the words in the text box I want to change, the selection disappears as soon as I click on the Format Text pane. I could of course make a separate text box for the Latin name, but that would be cumbersome and create more work with additional dragging around to line them up every time I change the species. In ArcMap layout view I could italicise text in a text box by placing the tags <ITA> on either side. I tried that here but it doesn't work.


Does anyone have any ideas?