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HL7 Data with Survey123

Question asked by icer182 on Jun 22, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2020 by icer182

Hi ArcGIS Survey123 Team,


I am currently working on a form that may be used alongside of HL7 data from hospitals. However, it would be great if there is already a method of integrating HL7 data into a Survey123 form and from a Survey123 form to an HL7 database. Is there already a method of doing this? Additionally, is there a method of connecting an external database to Survey123 so that when that database is edited, the reports logged using the Survey123 form is also updated? Specifically, I am using Qvera as my external database. Please let me know if there is already a connection setup for this program.


On another note, is there a method of already implementing Survey123 data, and any externally connected databases, to an ArcGIS Dashboards? It would be great to know if it is possible to connect all of these to a category indicator or counter widget in a dashboard. Please explain more about the connections to these different applications.


Thank you,


Dustin Baumbach, PhD