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Setting Coordinate System of GPS Data (Trimble)

Question asked by hburke0904 on Jun 19, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2020 by dafiter

Hi Everyone, 


I have some shapefiles that were exported from a Trimble GPS unit that I am having trouble projecting correctly once I pull them into ArcMap. I have shapefiles that were exported from the device, but only .dbf, .shp, and .shx extensions, a .prj file was not created. I know the coordinate system of the device, but I can't find a corresponding system in ArcMap. The device was set up using this coordinate system:


System: UTM

Zone: 18 North

Datum: WGS 1984

Altitude Reference: HAE

Altitude Unit: US Survey Feet

Coordinate Units: US Survey Feet

Coordinate Order: North/East


The only option that I see for WGS84 Zone 18N has meters as the linear units. When I project the shapefiles to this coordinate system, it plots completely outside of the area of my target property. 


Is there a way that I can transform the linear units of either the coordinate system or the shapefiles themselves? Does anyone know a coordinate system that I can use that would work with the shapefiles that I have?