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Comparison of LiDAR data in different years

Question asked by ardente99 on Jun 18, 2020
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I'm analyzing the change in elevation in terms of soil erosion using LiDAR in different years. To see the difference between two different year's LiDAR, I used the raster calculator tool in ArcGIS and subtracted them. However, in a result map, strip lines (or bands? I don't know how to call them) appeared while they are not seen in the original DEM data. I guessed that these are not the erosion effect in reality, but the things caused by processes I had done to make it. To remove these bands, I tried to somethings I found through googling such as filtering and 'fix Landsat data tool'.  Regardless, these lines were not removed. I hope someone knows about a solution or a  reason of this problem. 


For your information, I used ArcGIS 10.7, and DEM data that were the derivative product based on LiDAR from Illinois Geospatial Data Clearinghouse web site. The target county is Jefferson county in Illinois state. In the figures below, the left one is the 2012 year DEM and the right one is the 2015 DEM. The third one is the result when I subtracted these two DEM.

2012 year DEM