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Assigning Collisions to a Network

Question asked by stewartfowler on Jun 18, 2020

Hello All, 


A relative newbie to posting so forgive my ignorance. I have some basic understanding of ArcGIS (Joins, relates etc.) but nothing more advanced. I have not dabbled in python or anything like that yet. So any help offered will be much appreciated! I am running ArcMap 10.7.1 (Desktop)


I am looking assign collision data (point data) to a road network (polyline). The collision data has Eastings and Northings and also has details about the locations of the collisions (road classifications and road names etc). The road network is of centre lines and contains some similar fields (e.g. road name and classification). 

I want to assign the collision data to the road network. 


I realise i could do a spatial join with a buffer on the centreline width, however, this will cause a lot of overlap at junctions potentially of collisions being assigned to the wrong link. So I need to consider the classification attributes of the data as well. 


Can anyone advise how i can assign the data based on both geographical location and attribute information?


Let me know if you have any further queries!


Many thanks,