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Why can't we add an existing Survey123 form to feedback in hub premium?

Question asked by RTanneka on Jun 17, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2020 by BRollison-esristaff

We have an existing ArcGIS Survey123 form that we have been using to collect feedback on a project and it was created in Survey123 Connect (has some smart functionality). We've now transitioned the project into a hub premium initiative so that we can collaborate and share editing with our project partners. We would like to add the existing form to the feedback section so that our 'Core Team' can view the results. Despite the form being shared to the Core Team group, it still doesn't appear in the feedback tab when logged in to the hub site. When you try to add a form there is only an option to create a new survey.


How can we make sure all the feedback forms for our initiative are shared in the feedback section for the Core Team to view/edit?