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Transferring data from sde 9.3 to 10.6.1

Question asked by AmyCOD on Jun 15, 2020


We have an old sde 9.3 on Oracle whose data we have been successfully pushing into a SQL Server 10.2.2 geodatabase on a nightly basis using an sde connection and python. Now we are upgrading the one geodatabase to 10.6.1, but when I run the python script to truncate and then append the 10.6.1 geodatabase with the data from sde 9.3, it fails.


Our information:

Oracle 11g with sde 9.3

SQL Server Server 2016, 10.6.1 


My question:

Is it possible to transfer features from an sde 9.3 feature class to a 10.6.1 feature class with Python without having to export to a file geodatabase or shapefile first?


I have tried creating a direct connection to our sde 9.3 but every combination has failed. Thoughts?


Any help greatly appreciated,


Amy Rose

Senior GIS Analyst

City of Dallas