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LocalServer 100.8 Contour GPServer sample startup fails

Question asked by kirkKuykendall on Jun 15, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2020 by MBranscomb-esristaff

Is anyone able to turn on logging, or get the Contouring sample gp service to work?


Local Server Utility shows Enable Logging is checked.

However, when I click Start Local Server on the sample here, VS shows "Logging disabled" in the output window:

Licensed For Developer Use Only
'apppid' = '26784'
'cleanuponshutdown' = ''
'enablehtmlviews' = ''
datadir does not exist, creating: "C:\EsriSamples\Temp\arcgisruntime_8928"
DataDir : "C:\EsriSamples\Temp\arcgisruntime_8928"
Message : Logging disabled
DataDir : "C:\EsriSamples\Temp\arcgisruntime_8928"
AppDataLocalDir : "C:\ESRISA~1\AppData\Local"
AppDataRoamingDir : "C:\ESRISA~1\AppData\Roaming"
AppDataCommonDir : "C:\ESRISA~1\AppData\Common"
MyDocumentsDir : "C:\ESRISA~1\AppData\Documents"
CrashDumpPath : "C:\EsriSamples\Temp\ArcGISRuntimeErrorReports"

The Map Service and Feature Service work as expected, however the GP service presents this:

The C:\EsriSamples\Temp\arcgisruntime_8928\contour folder exists, but has no files.

There are no log files. Attached is dmp file.

Same result when running as admin.