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Fixing the repeat records limitations in ArcGIS Enterprise

Question asked by Hossamjabri_90 on Jun 14, 2020
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2020 by Hossamjabri_90

Hi All,

James Tedrick Ismael Chivite @survey123


I'm designing a Smart Forms for many maintenance and operation activities in the organization and these forms contains a repeat questions captured the different assets details and photos.


I'm wondering if there is a timeline to fix the below limitationsin ArcGIS Enterprise while using Survey123:


  1. The attachment/images in the related tables (Repeat questions) dose not appear in Survey123 website (Data tap)  once we want to see single records. 
  2. The feature report not supported attachment.
  3. The attachments (out of repeats) are not associated to the questions in the data preview whereas they appear in the last of the report.