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Unable to Trace in Water Utility network

Question asked by vinodkumar26 on Jun 14, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2020 by mmiller-esristaff



I have migrated data from Geometric network to Utility network for water Utility , after migration I work on Topology and remove all dirty areas , Then I am trying to run any traces ,I am getting error "ERROR 001797: No subnetwork controller was discovered." I have imported same schema from Esri Sample Water Utility network foundation template.


My concern is how to get Value attribute in Subnetwork controller field in which I am Unable to edit manually I think this should update automatically,I have updated Unique  Subcontroller name manually using Modify subnetwork controller pane. for Storage and Meter Asset group.

After than run update Subnetwork controller tools.


So please suggest me how to update Subnetwork attribute in field to working with Traces.


Attached Water device attribute field screenshot.