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ArcPro - How to jump time gaps on time slider?

Question asked by Hornbydd Champion on Jun 13, 2020
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I am experimenting with time enabled data in ArcPro. I have converted 3 GPX files into 3 point FeatureClasses, they represent 3 cycle rides over a 5 day period, each GPX was approximately 1 hours worth of cycling.


I have enabled time on each of the layers and playing around with the slider I can make the points appear over time.  The problem is that as there are 2 days between each cycle ride so the total time extent of the slider is 5 days as shown below. I highlight the 3 time periods on the slider.



As you can see most of the time slider is "nothing", i.e. no data for those time periods between the 3 featureclasses.


My question is: how do you make one time animation occur immediately after the other, without waiting for 2 days to pass before the next featureclass begins to show up on the map? Is this even possible? I essentially want to skip over the time gaps and play each animation immediately after the previous.