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Styling Tag Remains in Alias

Question asked by on Jun 12, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2020 by ichivite-esristaff

We have a feature service published from Survey123.  Styling tags were used in the label for multiple fields.  But for some reason, following two examples' closing tag for boldface was left as part of the alias in the feature service.   Survey123 form worked fine, but we had a custom geoprocessing tool that reads aliases from the feature service and generates Word report form.  And having that closing tag in the alias caused an error.  We addressed the issue with code, but I wonder which aspect  of these labels caused the tag to become a part of the alias text? 


Survey123 Label

<b>Outlet energy dissipator and erosion control protection (e.g., riprap) is free of scour, erosion, or displacement<b/>

<b>Control Structure manhole ladder/steps, cover and/or access door appear to be present, secure, and operational without damage<b/>


When viewing the hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro:


How the browser draws the text in the REST end point page: