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Transferring content from organization to personal account

Question asked by evelylim_unc on Jun 9, 2020
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I would like to ask if it's possible to transfer some of my content (Storymaps, etc.) currently held in my school organization's account to a personal account?


Some of the content has featured content as well, so when while it is shared with the public, the featured content within the storymap does not display. Currently, I have a few projects held in my school organization's account (with UNC Chapel Hill) that I have done for a few classes and have spent a lot of time on curating. When I graduate it is likely that my student organization account might be terminated, meaning all my projects would be lost. As such, I would really like to preserve my projects, especially since I think it'll be useful for building a GIS portfolio for my future career, and am thinking of subscribing to a personal account and transferring all my work there.


I also would also like to ensure that the featured content can be displayed publicly for future employers to be able to view, so it would be nice if you could also advice on which online subscription I could use? And whether I could get a discount on it while I'm still a student?


Thank you!


- Evelyn