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So is the older (2017) iteration of ArcGIS Local Government Information Model (LGIM) effectively dead?

Question asked by MattDBealGIS on Jun 10, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2020 by MattDBealGIS

I have used the LGIM schema for our enterprise data at two previous jobs, and it works great. I recently started a new job for a local government that has a ton of data with no organization whatsoever. This is pretty much the perfect use case for implementing the LGIM schema. I want to bring our disorganized data into one centralized enterprise database. I am following the workflow here and have run into an issue. I am getting a Microsoft.NET Framework error that won't allow me to open the XML workspace document. I have searched for hours and found nothing. I am currently on the phone with the 4th ESRI tech support agent that I have talked with this morning. Each one has basically said that it wasn't their department and then transferred me to a different person. The lack of training on this by the tech support staff and the lack documentation on it after 2017 makes me think that it must not be the intended workflow anymore. Is there some replacement that I have missed that will allow me to quickly stand up a template geodatabase loaded with the feature classes and domains that are commonly used by local governments?


Update: In case anyone else gets the Microsoft.NET Framework error when using X-ray to open the XML workspace, we were finally able to resolve the issue using the Microsoft.NET Framework Repair Tool. After running this tool, I no longer received that error.