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Basic Viewer toolbar will not close

Question asked by ltaylor17 on Jun 9, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2020 by kMcPherson-esristaff

I built a Web App using the Basic Viewer in ArcGIS Online.  I have added the legend tool to the toolbar.  However, what I have noticed is once that tool is opened the end user can't close it.  I have tried this with one to several tools on the toolbar.  You can switch between the tools but you can not close them.  The problem I see with this is when you are on a 8" or 10" phone that tool takes up a lot real estate on the screen and map.  On the Web AppBuilder applications, once you open a tool you can close them by clicking an X or by clicking the button again.  Is this a bug with the Basic Viewer or something that has been an oversight and needs to be placed as a feature request?