How find difference of OnStartEditing event between ArcMAP & ArcFM

Discussion created by RameshKurma on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by nikhil_sastikar
Hi All,

I am new for ArcFM customization. I want to identify the events of session manager when session opened. And how to know the difference between ArcMAP OnStartEditing event and OnStartEditing event of session manager when session opened?

Actual I want to restrict user to start editing using ArcMAP???s start editing. I want to prompt to user to use session manager's open session functionality. I tried to fire the events  of ???IMMEditorEvents???. But the following code not compling it is giving the error of ???Cannot assign to 'OnStartEditing' because it is a 'method group'???

  IMMEditor mmEditor=(IMMEditor)m_editor;
  IMMEditorEvents mmEvents = (IMMEditorEvents)mmEditor;

  //Getting error here               
  mmEvents.OnStartEditing += new IMMEditorEvents_OnStartEditingEventHandler(OnStartEditing1);

Any one has idea?