Raster: Calculating all cells within the new resampling boundary

Discussion created by dkips on Mar 31, 2011
Latest reply on Apr 5, 2011 by dkips

I am new to raster analysis. I have a raster layer of 30x30m and wanted to resample to 2000x2000m. The four built-in resampling option in ArcView 9.3.1 (Nearest, Bilinier, Cubic & Majority) only consider 1, 4, or 16 nearest cell centers.

Rather than selecting 1, 4 or 16 cells, I wanted to average ALL of the value of cell centers that occur inside the new cells' boundary. In my case of resampling from 30x30 to 2000x2000, according to my calculator, this is an average of 4444 cells. How can I compute the mean of these 4444 cells within the boundary of the new 2000x2000 grid? After calculating the mean, I would probably need to resample this new grid with the Nearst Neighbor method to get the 2000x2000 grid?

Please help, thank you.