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Do groups require labels? The template indicates no, but the rules indicate yes?

Question asked by ben_vk on Jun 8, 2020
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2020 by bstokes-esristaff

I am viewing the sample/template titled 'Grid Style Groups', and it has this as the example data, see highlighted pink:

begin group
group_1aPage 2 (Grid Groups - No Repeats)
imagephotoSite Photo
begin groupgroup_1b 
textsite_nameSite Name
textsite_idSite ID
textjob_numberJob Number
integerair_tempAir Temp (°C)
select_one cloudcloudCloud Cover
select_one wind_speedwind_speedWind Speed


I try to publish this survey and the whole document is throwing errors, I think the rules have changed, but the document may not have been updated?


My actual issue, if anyone has any ideas on how to resolve, is how can I hide the bold group names as shown below? 

I dont need to waste the space with the words Inspection and Sub Group. I would love for these labels to not exist at all.

I only have them so I can format the works required and (works urgency & botanical name) in two columns as shown below, if this can be done via another method other than groups, i would love to know:



begin groupgroup_aInspection
select_multiple works_reqdworks_requiredWorks Required
begin groupinspect_bSub Group
select_one urgencyurgencyWorks Urgency
select_one botanicalbotanical_nameBotanical Name
end group  
end group