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Repeats in Survey123 (bugs and enhancements)

Question asked by dlengtonesri-southafrica-esridist Employee on Jun 5, 2020
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This question focuses on how Survey123 handles repeats and the records created for repeats.




When you put a repeat inside a survey and you mark that repeat as "irrelevant" then an empty record is still created for the repeat in the database.




When a repeat is created and you use the repeat_count functionality to limit the number of repeat records, there is no way of returning to the "unlimited" repeats option. I would suggest that if you enter -1 into the repeat_count then you are back to adding unlimited repeat records.

We have a survey where the user could either enter a known number of repeats or the user isn't sure how many repeats there will be and then an "unlimited" scenario would fit better. Currently there is no way of returning from a repeat_count scenario to the default scenario.




Only create a record in the repeat when the ADD or PLUS button is pushed. So dont start the repeat with an empty record until the user elects to create a repeat record by clicking on the ADD or PLUS button.