Intersection Attribution Product

Discussion created by bschuman@tss.tssgis.com_Transcend on Jun 2, 2020



During the last RHUG meeting, several questions came up about attributing intersections with route locations on all the crossing routes, adding MIRE related attributes, and general maintenance and management of intersection data.  Transcend Spatial Solutions (now Rizing Geospatial) has a product called Intersection Manager that has been available for about 5 years that assists transportation agencies with attributing intersections with a wide variety of the needed HPMS, FDE, and MIRE values.


Intersection Manager typically is part of the Productivity Tools bundle of tools, but has been purchased separately by a number of DOTs.  The product leverages r&h attribution when available, but can also be used just as effectively with the basic Esri Linear Referencing functionality.


To provide an overview of the Intersection Manager functionality, we have made a video available.  You can access it from the Rizing Geospatial web page here (near bottom of the page).  Or you can go directly to our YouTube channel to view the video here.


Any questions can be directed to Bill Schuman at