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Looping on data process with Dekad (D = 1 or 2 or 3) date information YYYY.MM.D

Question asked by bennyistanto on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2020 by bennyistanto

Hi, with limited knowledge on python and arcpy, I tried to modified script from former staff in my office with no success. 

The existing script is:

  • Try to calculate number of consecutive days without rainfall (rainfall < 1mm) based on daily CHIRPS data with naming convention "chirps-v2.0.YYYY.MM.DD.tif"
  • The calculation required number of days without rain from the previous day. If this data not available, it will skipped to next data.
  • Let say, the data start from 1 Jan 1981, then the script will skip this date. And continue the process for the next day (2 Jan 1981) with following process:
    • IF(chirps-v2.0.1981.01.01.tif <1, 1, 0) and save as cli_chirps_dslr_19810102.tif 
    • IF(chirps-v2.0.1981.01.02.tif <1, cli_chirps_dslr_19810102.tif + 1, cli_chirps_dslr_19810102.tif = 0) and save as cli_chirps_dslr_19810103.tif
    • and so on.


And now I would like to use the script and modified some part to calculate similar approach with rainfall > 50mm, but using Dekad CHIRPS data with naming convention










I got an error because the script try to read based on Date information, after finished process chirps-v2.0.1981.01.03.tif the scipt will continue to find chirps-v2.0.1981.01.04.tif and couldn't find the data then error.


Any reference or example on how to make it work? 

Below is the error, script and few example of the data (subset from area with smaller size).





found chirps-v2.0.2001.01.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
found chirps-v2.0.2016.07.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
found chirps-v2.0.1994.11.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
found chirps-v2.0.2000.01.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
found chirps-v2.0.2017.07.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
found chirps-v2.0.1995.11.2.tif in the dekad rainfall folder
execute first rainy data from date 1981011
creating precipgt50 data 1981-01-02 from dekad rainfall data from 1981-01-01
Processing chirps_precipgt50_1981012.tif
file chirps_precipgt50_1981012.tif is created
start reading existing PRECIPgt50 Dataset....
looking for file with naming chirps_precipgt50_YYYYMMD
found chirps_precipgt50_1981012.tif in the PRECIPgt50 folder
PRECIPgt50 Data found. Looking for latest PRECIPgt50 Data...
next dekad data is available...
start processing next PRECIPgt50...
Processing PRECIPgt50 from Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Output\chirps_precipgt50_1981012.tif and Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Dekad\chirps-v2.0.1981.01.2.tif
PRECIPgt50 File chirps_precipgt50_1981013.tif is created
next dekad data is available...
start processing next PRECIPgt50...
Processing PRECIPgt50 from Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Output\chirps_precipgt50_1981013.tif and Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Dekad\chirps-v2.0.1981.01.3.tif
PRECIPgt50 File chirps_precipgt50_1981014.tif is created
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is not available. Exit...
next dekad data is available...
start processing next PRECIPgt50...
Processing PRECIPgt50 from Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Output\chirps_precipgt50_19810110.tif and Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Dekad\chirps-v2.0.1981.01.1.tif
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 118, in <module>
list = create_PRECIPgt50('Z:\\Temp\\DryWetSeason\\Output','Z:\\Temp\\DryWetSeason\\Dekad', 50)
File "", line 107, in create_PRECIPgt50
execute_PRECIPgt50(last_date, _tiffolder, _PRECIPgt50_folder, threshold)
File "", line 50, in execute_PRECIPgt50
outPRECIPgt50Con = Con(Raster(next_dekaddata) < int(threshold), Raster(last_precipgt50file)+1, 0)
RuntimeError: ERROR 000732: Input Raster: Dataset Z:\Temp\DryWetSeason\Output\chirps_precipgt50_19810110.tif does not exist or is not supported



import os
import arcpy
from import *
from datetime import date, timedelta

# to execute first PRECIPgt50 data
def execute_first_PRECIPgt50(_tiffolder, _PRECIPgt50Folder, threshold):
    sr = arcpy.SpatialReference(4326)
    print("looking at the first dekad rainfall data in tif folder...")
    dekad_list = create_dekad_List(_tiffolder)
    first_date = min(dekad_list)
    print("execute first rainy data from date "+first_date)
    first_data_name = 'chirps-v2.0.{0}.{1}.{2}.tif'.format(first_date[0:4], first_date[4:6], first_date[6:7])
    first_dekad_data = os.path.join(_tiffolder, first_data_name)
    dekad_Date = date(int(first_date[0:4]), int(first_date[4:6]), int(first_date[6:7]))
    precipgt50_date = dekad_Date + timedelta(days=1)
    print("creating precipgt50 data "+str(precipgt50_date)+ " from dekad rainfall data from "+str(dekad_Date))
    PRECIPgt50Year = str(precipgt50_date.year)
    PRECIPgt50month = str(precipgt50_date.month)
    PRECIPgt50day = str(
    PRECIPgt50Filename = 'chirps_precipgt50_{0}{1}{2}.tif'.format(PRECIPgt50Year.zfill(4), PRECIPgt50month.zfill(2), PRECIPgt50day.zfill(1))
    print("Processing "+PRECIPgt50Filename)
    outCon = Con(Raster(first_dekad_data) < int(threshold), 1, 0), PRECIPgt50Filename))
    arcpy.DefineProjection_management(os.path.join(_PRECIPgt50Folder, PRECIPgt50Filename), sr)
    print("file " + PRECIPgt50Filename + " is created")

# to execute next PRECIPgt50 data
def execute_PRECIPgt50(_lastdate, _tiffolder, _PRECIPgt50_folder, threshold):
    sr = arcpy.SpatialReference(4326)
    date_formatted = date(int(_lastdate[0:4]), int(_lastdate[4:6]), int(_lastdate[6:7]))
    last_precipgt50name = 'chirps_precipgt50_{0}'.format(_lastdate)
    last_precipgt50file = os.path.join(_PRECIPgt50_folder, last_precipgt50name)
    next_dekadname = 'chirps-v2.0.{0}.{1}.{2}.tif'.format(_lastdate[0:4], _lastdate[4:6], _lastdate[6:7])
    next_dekaddata = os.path.join(_tiffolder, next_dekadname)
    if arcpy.Exists(next_dekaddata):
        print("next dekad data is available...")
        print("start processing next PRECIPgt50...")
        new_precipgt50_date = date_formatted + timedelta(days=1)
        PRECIPgt50Year1 = str(new_precipgt50_date.year)
        PRECIPgt50month1 = str(new_precipgt50_date.month)
        PRECIPgt50day1 = str(
        new_precipgt50_name = 'chirps_precipgt50_{0}{1}{2}.tif'.format(PRECIPgt50Year1.zfill(4), PRECIPgt50month1.zfill(2), PRECIPgt50day1.zfill(1))
        print("Processing PRECIPgt50 from "+last_precipgt50file+" and "+next_dekaddata)
        outPRECIPgt50Con = Con(Raster(next_dekaddata) < int(threshold), Raster(last_precipgt50file)+1, 0), new_precipgt50_name))
        arcpy.DefineProjection_management(os.path.join(_PRECIPgt50_folder, new_precipgt50_name), sr)
        print("PRECIPgt50 File "+new_precipgt50_name+" is created")
        print("next dekad data is not available. Exit...")

# to check if there is PRECIPgt50 data in output folder
def create_PRECIPgt50_List(_PRECIPgt50_folder):
    print("start reading existing PRECIPgt50 Dataset....")
    print("looking for file with naming chirps_precipgt50_YYYYMMD")
    for PRECIPgt50_Data in os.listdir(_PRECIPgt50_folder):
        if PRECIPgt50_Data.endswith(".tif") or PRECIPgt50_Data.endswith(".tiff"):
            print("found " + PRECIPgt50_Data + " in the PRECIPgt50 folder")
            parse_String = PRECIPgt50_Data.split('_')
            PRECIPgt50_Data_Date = parse_String[2]
    return PRECIPgt50_Date_List

# to check input data
def create_dekad_List(_tif_folder):
    print("start reading list of dekad rainfall data....")
    print("looking for file with naming chirps-v2.0.YYYY.MM.DD")
    for Dekad_Data in os.listdir(_tif_folder):
        if Dekad_Data.endswith(".tif") or Dekad_Data.endswith(".tiff"):
            print("found " + Dekad_Data+ " in the dekad rainfall folder")
            parse_String = Dekad_Data.split('.')
            Dekad_Data_Date = parse_String[2]+parse_String[3]+parse_String[4]
    return Dekad_Date_List

# to run the script
def create_PRECIPgt50(_PRECIPgt50_folder, _tiffolder, threshold):

    PRECIPgt50_Date_List = create_PRECIPgt50_List(_PRECIPgt50_folder)
    Dekad_list = create_dekad_List(_tiffolder)
    # if there is no PRECIPgt50 data, creating new PRECIPgt50 data
    if len(PRECIPgt50_Date_List)==0:
        print("No PRECIPgt50 Data found...")
        print("creating first PRECIPgt50 data...")
        execute_first_PRECIPgt50(_tiffolder, _PRECIPgt50_folder, threshold)
        PRECIPgt50_Date_List = create_PRECIPgt50_List(_PRECIPgt50_folder)
    # if there is PRECIPgt50 data
    print("PRECIPgt50 Data found. Looking for latest PRECIPgt50 Data...")
    #Check last PRECIPgt50 available
    last_date = max(PRECIPgt50_Date_List)

    #Check last dekad data availabke
    max_dekad_date = max(Dekad_list)
    last_PRECIPgt50_date = date(int(last_date[0:4]), int(last_date[4:6]), int(last_date[6:7]))
    last_dekad_date = date(int(max_dekad_date[0:4]), int(max_dekad_date[4:6]), int(max_dekad_date[6:7]))
    # process PRECIPgt50 to every dekad data available after last PRECIPgt50 data
    while last_dekad_date + timedelta(days=1) > last_PRECIPgt50_date:

        execute_PRECIPgt50(last_date, _tiffolder, _PRECIPgt50_folder, threshold)

        PRECIPgt50Year2 = str(last_PRECIPgt50_date.year)
        PRECIPgt50month2 = str(last_PRECIPgt50_date.month)
        PRECIPgt50day2 = str(
        last_date='{0}{1}{2}.tif'.format(PRECIPgt50Year2.zfill(4), PRECIPgt50month2.zfill(2), PRECIPgt50day2.zfill(1))

    print("All PRECIPgt50 data is available")

# run the function (output folder, input folder, threshold)
list = create_PRECIPgt50('Z:\\Temp\\DryWetSeason\\Output','Z:\\Temp\\DryWetSeason\\Dekad', 50)