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Prevent continious wrap v4.15

Question asked by samuelgirardin on Jun 2, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2020 by samuelgirardin

Hi  everyone, I'm quite new to esri js api. I'm using esri js api 4.15. I can't figure out how doing that : 


I try to display only a single world, I don't want to be able to continious wrap around.

I 've seen this jsfiddle using 3.3, it seems that setting wrapAround180 to false, display only a single world and prevent continious wrapping.

jsfiddle demo no continious wrap v3.3


Unfortunately wrapAround180  is no more used in v4.15, doc is talking about SpatialReference.isWrappable . I can't get this working.


Maybe someone solves that before ? Is there any solution ?


Thanks, sam