Locator Standardization

Discussion created by Amira_Aziz on Jun 1, 2020
Problem Description:
i had a question about build an address locator based on malaysia standard address. I already use dual range style using street reference data.But i found when doing the interactive search method,the address will show in the format street,city,state,zipcode.


For example: 1 jalan tangga batu 1/3,tangga batu,melaka,76400.


As you know the typical malaysia address consists of the following components:


No. 1 Jalan Tangga Batu,Taman Tangga Batu,76400,Tangga Batu Melaka.


So can you explain and what u would recommend in order to get the appropriate locator according to standard malaysia address and get the best out of the geocoder.
I would appreciate any helps.Thank You