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Difference between Organizational My ESRI and  ArcGIS Online Accounts

Question asked by cmatechik_FSUML on Jun 1, 2020

My organizational ArcGIS administrator setup accounts for some of my employees, but he invited them to setup a My ESRI account through my organization rather than an ArcGIS Online account. I am unable to invite the new users to the group I setup for our project and get an error that says they have a different account type. It is my understanding that My ESRI accounts are synonymous with public ArcGIS Online accounts. I suspect that my new users are not actually enrolled in my organizations ArcGIS online system and this seems to be true because I can't look them up in the directory.

Am I understanding the difference between My ESRI and ArcGIS Online correctly? I think the solution is as simple as asking my administrator to setup ArcGIS Online accounts for the new users, rather than my ESRI accounts, but I wanted to confirm this before I reach out. He defaulted into the Admin position even though he doesn't have much time for it, so I like to make sure I know what I'm asking for before I start making requests from him.


Thanks for your help.