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GenerateGeodatabaseJob no network always hits addJobDoneListener at 41% download

Question asked by jaarons47 on Jun 1, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2020 by jaarons47

I am wondering why  GenerateGeodatabaseJob (when network is lost in the middle of a GenerateGeodatabaseJob) always continues to count up (addProgressChangedListener continues to provide values erroneously) until it reaches 41%?  I assume that the ArcGIS Runtime SDK does this faux count up in percentage for those with a bad internet connection that goes in and out.  However this is super annoying as it appears to take around 10 minutes to count up to 41% to finally provide a failed status on addJobDoneListener with an error of "Illegal State" (generateGeodatabaseJob.getError().getMessage()).  


Is this configurable at all for GenerateGeodatabaseJob to trigger addJobDoneListener at a smaller increase in faux percentage?


As far as I can tell it seems to disregard RequestConfiguration which defaults to..



Any assistance greatly appreciated.  Can provide code sample if what I am describing does not make sense.