How to symbolize property boundaries in Arc GIS Pro

Discussion created by arcuserchris on May 31, 2020
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I am working in Arc GIS Pro.  I have downlaoded a feature class of parcel data (property) from a county website and have created a feature class of only one piece of property by selecting from the thing that I downloaded.  For the shape of the property, I only want to show the border and have the interior of the property be transparent. I am going to be putting things in the property like wetlands and their regulated buffers and I want the orthophoto to show so I need it to be transparent.   I have tried working with symbology but don't understand all the options to get me where I want to go. I have also tried creating a new feature by tracing the border but, again, I don't see how I can separate the border from the inside of the shape.  I am not familialr with python script, I just use the symbols on the workspace.  Thanks for any help.