History Table - Edits Pop Up (Web App Builder)

Discussion created by bchristie_Hema on May 27, 2020
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The company I work for is migrating from Geocortex to a ESRI Web App to facilitate the creation and updating of point feature layers.  The Geocortex interface we had been using has for each point feature a history record and links to the dates that any edits have occurred over time which feeds into a history table for that feature class.


At the bottom of each point feature (Geocortex):


Once a date is selected, another popup box appears (Geocortex):



I am wondering whether it is possible for something similar within the web app pop up box is achievable. As a link/hyper at the bottom of the popup which opens up to a new pop up box? Would this involve creation of a custom widget?






Any assistance would be greatly appreciated,